Why do I need to purchase a one-day USAT license?

USAT provides insurance for the event. If you get bit by the triathlon bug (and trust me, it’s hard to resist), you can apply the cost of the one-day license towards an annual membership. Just be sure to save your receipt!

What is the order of events?

Swim, bike, and run to victory!

What is packet pickup?

Packet pickup is when you get your bag of racing materials. This includes swim cap, t-shirt, and race numbers. Packet pickup will occur on April 16, 17 and 18. Time and location TBD. USAT rules state that the racer must be present with a photo ID to pick up their packet.

What gear do I need?

Closed-toed shoes you can run in, a helmet, and a bike. The bar ends on your bike need to be plugged for safety. Goggles are optional, but most people want them. Oh, and some clothes obviously. You don’t have to wear much, but you do have to wear something!

What should I wear and where do I change?

Wear your swimsuit for the swim. When you exit the swim and enter the Transition area, you can put on more clothes over your swim suit if you wish. There is nowhere to privately change during the race.

What happens if I have trouble with my bike on race day?

You’ll be in luck! Well, as good of luck as you can be in with bike problems. Our team bike shop, Super Cool Bike Shop of Gainesville, will have a tent set up near the transition area ready to assist you in any last minute adjustments. Be sure to check them out at http://www.supercoolbikeshop.com

What is body marking?

Prior to the start of the race, we write your race number on your arms and calves in permanent marker. This helps us identify you during the race, especially during the swim. When people ask why you have numbers written on your arms at class the next day, you can tell them you raced a fierce triathlon and they missed out!

Swimming isn’t my strong sport, and I am a little bit nervous

There is no need to worry. The 250 yard swim will take place in a pool with lane lines, and lifeguards and volunteers will surround the pool.

Do I swim with my race number?

You can if you wish, but most racers put them on in transition. The race numbers are made of waterproof material, but we don’t want you losing them in the pool from the sheer speed that you’ll be swimming at!

How do I wear my race number?

You can pin your race number to your clothes before or after the swim. Another option is to run a shoe lace through it and tie it around your waist. The preferred way is to use an elastic race number belt that you can get from most sporting goods stores (including Lloyd Clarke’s in Gainesville).

How does the start work? I heard everybody starts at once in a triathlon

Most triathlons use a wave start where everybody in the same category starts at the same time. We don’t do that at the Super Sprint because the pool is too small. Instead, we’ll use what’s called a time trial start. Everybody lines up on the pool deck, and somebody starts every 10 seconds. That sounds a little confusing, but it’ll make sense when you see it on race day.

Where do I put my bike, running shoes, and all my other gear?

All of your gear will be in the Transition area. You will find a spot in transition to set your bike and lay out all your other gear next to it. Try not to bring too much extra gear as space in transition is very limited!

How old do you have to be to race the Super Sprint?

The Super Sprint does not have age requirements. USAT suggests the following distances for youths:

Recommended Competition Distances for Youth and Juniors

Racing age* Category Distances
Swim Bike Run
7-8 Youth 50-100m** 2k 1k
9-10 Youth 100m** 3k 1k
11-12 Youth 200m** 5-7k 2k
13-15 Youth 200-400m 8-10k 2-3k
16-19 Junior 400-750m 15-20k 5k
13-15 Youth Elite*** 400m 10k 2.5k
16-19 Junior Elite*** 750m 20k 5k

Source: http://www.usatriathlon.org/elite-international/youth-elite/tips.aspx

The only stipulation about younger racers is that we just ask the parent/legal guardian to fill out the UF RecSports waiver, and have either a USAT one-day license or membership. More info on the waivers will be made clear during registration and on race day.

We also encourage clicking the above link for excellent resources for youth triathletes. Safe and effective training and coaching is very important for everyone in any sport, especially kids.

I still have more questions

For more information, e-mail the race director!

The most important thing about the Super Sprint is having fun, and we hope to see you smiling on race day!