What is a triathlon? A triathlon is a race where you get to swim, bike, and then run to victory!

What kind of financial investment should I expect? We try to make the sport as accessible as possible, and are happy to work with you on a one-to-one basis to help. Unlike other tri clubs, there is absolutely no cost to join TriGators or to be apart of the team or to train with us. Additionally, we will help pay for races up to 100% (depending on your involvement with the team). The only thing we strongly encourage everyone to purchase is running shoes, a bike helmet, and swim goggles, other then those basics we can help out!

I don’t have a bike. Can I still join? Definitely! Most members start out with no biking experience (and no bike!). Our club has a limited number of road bikes available for free check out. Try out the sport for a while. In time, you may be rolling out of a bike shop on a pair of your own wheels!

Are there tryouts? Does everyone get to race? Everyone, regardless of ability is more then welcome to join and everyone will be offered the opportunity to race!

I’ve never done a triathlon. Can I still join? Definitely! One of the main goals of this club is to expose people to the sport of triathlon. Veteran members are more than willing to help out the newer ones. One thing you’ll find about triathlon is that most people are friendly and excited to share their love of the sport.

I’ve never swam, biked, or ran. Can I still join? Certainly! We have members of all different ability levels and coaches that are more than willing to help you start with the basics in all three aspects of triathlon.

I’ve been doing (and winning) triathlons for a while now; will there be people that I can train with? Absolutely! TriGators is one of the best collegiate triathlon clubs in the Nation and arguably the best in the Florida Collegiate Triathlon Conference. We have members of all abilities ranging from beginners to individuals representing USA Triathlon for their age.

I’m not in shape. Will there be people that I can train with? Yes. Triathlon is a great way to get in shape. We have people of all abilities on the team and workouts for all levels. It is very likely that you will find people who are the same speed as you in all three aspects of triathlon.

What are the distances you compete in? Typically we either compete in Sprint Distance Triathlons, Swim: 500 to 750 yards Bike: 12 to 15 miles Run: 5 k (3.1 miles), or Olympic Distance Triathlons, 1500 yards Bike:40 K (roughly 24.9 miles) Run: 10 k (6.2 miles).

Woah! Those distances sound tough and way too far, can I only do part of a race? Absolutely, we want you to feel comfortable, so we would be happy to work with beginners on setting up a relay where you only do one part of the swim, bike, or run. Although it seems intimidating, many of our beginners have found it very manageable, and enjoy the challenge. Races have people of all abilities from pros to people walking, and its almost guaranteed you will have people racing around you at all times. The sport is very supportive!

Why would I want to do a triathlon? They sound painful and rough. Nothing beats the indescribable feeling you get when you cross a finish line of a triathlon. It’s a sport of all abilities and levels that you can continue forever, and has the most amazing community of people coming together to support each other. It is truly an awesome experience.

This sounds awesome! How do I get started? Yay! First go to our “becoming a TriGator” page and follow the steps at the bottom. At the beginning of fall semester you can meet us at Recstravaganza and/or attend our first recruitment meeting of the semester (info will be posted in our Facebook page and given at Recstravanganza). If you want to join at any time feel free to reach out via our social media or email trigators@gmail.com and we will be happy to introduce you to the team and get you started!

I have more questions! How do I get in touch? We are happy to talk to you! Email us at trigators@ gmail.com, message us on our instagram (@trigators), message our Facebook page, message one of the officers, or send carrier pigeon.