Triathlon Tips

Courtesy of RehabtoRacing Allan and Mary DeLaney

  1. Transition Tips
  2. The “Off Season is really the fourth season for endurance athletes.
    Do something different for 6-8 weeks. Anything, even dance classes.
    Have fun! Spend time w those you care about. Sleep late.
  3. Begin your plan to cut 2 mins off your race time next year by training
    your feet to do without socks. Putting socks on wet feet in T1 Sucks!
    Your tender, too civilized feet, need a training program to allow you to
    race and train w/o socks. We have used the following program with hundreds
    of athletes, including ourselves to allow blister free, sock free racing out to
    half IM distances.

    1. Start by wearing your running shoes around the house for 30 min to 1 hr w
      no socks.
    2. Do the same w your bike shoes for very short rides up to 30-45 min.
    3. Buy some Tincture of Iodine (Not betadine, and you may have to ask the
      pharmacist to order it for you) Once a day, sit on the toilet, and apply iodine
      to any reddish, or tender spots on your feet. Also coat any area that has ever blistered. Sit there until the iodine is completely dry.
    4. Iodine, when wet stains everything including your skin. Fresh hydrogen peroxide
      will clear the iodine stains.
    5. After about two weeks add to your shoe and bike shoe wear time by 15-30 mins
    6. Increase sockless time in shoes once a week by about 30 mins thereafter
    7. Try going w/o socks in other shoes. Experiment w short periods at first. The idea
      is to only irritate an occasional hot spot and to avoid getting a blister!
    8. Lubricate your run and bike shoes w plain talcum powder. Add powder to the shoe, and give it a shake to distribute the powder. Note: This makes a mess indoors
      so do it over the shower or tub, or go outside
    9. Ladies: Never file or scrape thickened skin off your feet! That thick skin forms on the outside edges of toes, heels, etc for a reason, and that is to protect the underlying tender, new skin
The blister free, sockless free racing plan has worked for about 20 yrs. We even had a few IM clients for our old business Rehab To Racing that raced IM distances w no blisters and no socks.
Lastly, IF you are running hard, then blood under one or more toenails is the rule rather than the exception for any run distance of 10 mi or longer. Women, you should know that is nothing to worry about, but a badge of honor to all those in the know.