New Members

When you have just joined the team, here are a few things to know…

  1. Please sign the wavier before practicing with us! This is REQUIRED for general membership and only take a few seconds! By joining the team, you have access to athletic trainers at SW Rec for free, specialize coaching, and t-shirt discounts.
  2. Reimbursement for race expenses — UF has allocated money for Club Sports to spend how they please. We submit a budget proposal each year and are awarded a certain amount of money. We use most of this money for reimbursing our members for racing costs.
  3. Active vs. Race Roster Requirements — if you are on Active Roster, you get reimbursed usually about half of the price of the entrance fee and if you are on Race Roster, you get reimbursed more of the price of the entrance fee. Once you complete the requirements during one semester, you will be on the Active/Race Roster the NEXT semester.
    • Active Roster Requirements: PER SEMESTER you must participate in 1 fundraising event, 1 sports club watching event, participate in 2 volunteer shifts, attend 4 practices per month, attend 50% of monthly meetings, participate in one race (whether a competitor or race support).
    • Race Roster Requirements: PER SEMESTER you must participate in 2 fundraising events, 2 sports club watching events, participate in 4 volunteer shifts, attend 8 practices per month, attend all monthly meetings, participate in two races (whether as a competitor or race support).
    • For BOTH rosters, you must volunteer at or race in our Super Sprint event in the spring semester. You also must attend the race meetings for race reimbursement.
    • There is some flexibility in that if you can’t make one type of requirement you can do two of another — this is up to the discretion of the officers though. For example, if you can’t make any of the fundraising events during one semester, you could do two volunteer events.
    • There will be an excel spreadsheet available on our Facebook page that you can check for your status.
    • Perks of being on roster: you have access to sponsorships (discounts at Super Cool Bike Shop, Lloyd Clarke Sports, Clif Bar, XTERRA and more!) and get race reimbursements. If you are on Race Roster, you get a LARGER reimbursement and access to MORE sponsorships than you do on Active Roster.
    • To get reimbursement, AFTER the race fill out the second Rec Sports reimbursement form and take it to the Southwest Recreation Center Administrative Office between 9am and 5pm Monday-Friday within FIVE business days. Note that the information must be typed. Ask an officer for how much you will be reimbursed for. The FIRST time you apply for reimbursement you will have to ALSO fill out and turn this form WITH a voided check.
  4. We often get discount codes for race that are on our race schedule so if you signup for a race, make sure you ask an officer if there is a discount code.
  5. We usually have ~4 races a semester that are on our “race schedule” that we encourage people to go to and these are the ones that you are eligible to get reimbursed for.
  6. The Facebook page is the main way we communicate. There happens to be two TriGator Facebook pages. Make sure you join the TriGators group as opposed to just liking the TriGators page.