Race Schedule

Collegiate athletes cat race for their schools in USAT conferences. UF is part of the Florida Collegiate Triathlon ConferenceTriGators is the official FCTC team for the University of Florida. FCTC will chose the schedule of races from regular triathlons, so we are often racing among elite, age groups, amateurs and professionals. Race schedules are announced around the beginning of each semester. There are normally 4 races per semester. The race seasons are usually half sprint-distance and half international-distance (see below for what that means). Conference Championships are the third race of the spring semester and Collegiate Nationals are the fourth. Scoring is calculated in a cross-country style.

TriGators are not required to race, but many chose to do at least one, if not multiple conference races. In addition to earning points for our team, you can earn individual points.

This is the list of races the club will officially be competing in as a team. These aren’t the only races you will find TriGators at though. The Gator Nation is everywhere! You may see us and/or alumni participating together and supporting each other in races from sprints to Ironman.

For information about the TriGator SuperSprint, click here.

Many races sell out and entry fees go up closer to the race, so register early. Also, double check the race website for dates and locations.

Fall 2017 FCTC Race Schedule

Annual Clermont Triathlon (Sprint)

  • Septemeber 9th
  • Clermont, Florida

Crystal River Triathlon (Sprint)

  • September 30th
  • Crystal River, Florida

Sarasota (Sprint)

  • October 7th: Draft Legal
  • October 8th: Non-draft
  • Sarasota, Florida

MiamiMan Triathlon (Olympic)

  • November 12th
  • Miami, Florida


Past Races

Spring 2017 FCTC Races

Sarasota-Bradenton 3/12

Turtleman (Jupiter) 3/26

Hits Ocala 4/2

Nationals (Alabama) 4/22

Fall 2016 FCTC Races

Escape to Miami 9/3

Crystal River #3 10/9

UCF triathlon 10/29

Spring 2016 FCTC Races

Sarasota-Bradenton 3/13/16

Great Clermont 3/19/16

Escape from Ft. Desots 4/16/16

Collegiate Nationals 4/22/16-4/23/16

Fall 2015 FCTC Races

Escape to Miami (Olympic)- 9/20/15

FSU Tri the Rez (Sprint)- 10/3/15

Longleaf (Olympic)- 10/18/15

UCF/NCAA Finals (Sprint)- 11/8/15

Spring 2014 FCTC Races & Nationals

Clermont Challenge (Sprint)- 3/2/14

Wildman (Olympic)- 3/15/14

Conference Championship: Great Clermont (Olympic)- 3/23/14

Nationals (Various Events)-4/5/14

Fall 2013 FCTC Races

Escape to Miami (Olympic) – 9/29/13

Tri the Rez (Sprint)- 10/12/13

Suncoast (Sprint)-10/19/13

Beat the Heat (Olympic)- 11/10/13

Spring 2013 FCTC Races

Club Med (Sprint)- 2/24/13

Clermont Challenge (Sprint)- 3/10/13

Great Clermont (International/Olympic) -3/24/13

Collegiate Nationals -4/13/13

Fall 2012 FCTC Races

Escape to Miami (Olympic)- 9/23/12

Battle of the Bridges (Olympic)- 10/7/12

Suncoast (Sprint)- 10/20/12

Tri The Rez (Sprint)- 10/27/12

 Race Distances:

  • Sprint: 400-800m swim • 10-13 mile bike • 5k run
    Sprint distance triathlons are the most likely to vary. Super Sprint triathlons are even shorter versions designed to let you sample what a triathlon is like
  • Olympic/International/Standard: 1500m swim • 40k bike • 10k Run
    40k on the bike is usually 24-25 miles
  • Long/Half Ironman/70.3: 1.2 mile swim • 56 mile bike • 13.1 mile run (half marathon)
  • Ultra/Ironman/140.6: 2.4 mile swim • 112 mile bike • 26.2 mile run (marathon)