The workouts listed below are the scheduled workouts for the TriGators that will always happen. We often schedule other workouts through our Facebook page. Announcements from our coaches concerning track and swim practice are distributed through the e-mail listserv. To join the email listserv 1) send an email to
2) in the body of that email put the text “subscribe TRIGATORS-L (your first name) (your last name)” so for example “subscribe TRIGATORS-L Elizabeth Smith”

A sports club waiver is required to participate in practices. The waivers are very important, please complete them as soon as possible. To sign the waiver, click here OR login to GatorConnect and under the “Organizations ” tab > “Find an Organization” and put in Trigators and on our page under the Trigators heading is a link that will take you to the waiver.

A Gator1 ID is required for swimming workouts.

Note — Additional workouts, especially bike rides, will be planned on our Facebook page.

Normal Fall/Spring Semester Schedule Snapshot
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Sun
No Scheduled Workout 6:30AM
Track Practice
Law School Run
Track Practice
(Happy Feet)
Swim Practice
No Scheduled Workout


Spring 2016 Schedule


No planned workout. Workout on your own or post/check the Facebook group or the listserv for pick-up groups.


 6:30AM – Track Practice – Percy Beard Track.
2 mile warmup followed by speed work (200s, 400s, up to in-and-out miles and occasional 5k time trials)
Workouts are adjusted for your ability

6-7PM – RecSports’ Coached Swim Group Fitness class – Florida Pool.
Not an official workout.


5:15pm Tempo Run. Meet at the Law School sign across from Wilbert’s on 2nd Avenue.

This practice shifts a little earlier when it starts getting dark too early, usually around daylight savings. Look for an announcement on the listserv and Facebook.
There are several courses we can cover and we often split into pace groups based on ability:

  • A 5-7 mile trail run.  This is the primary workout.
  • A 5-mile loop through campus.


6:30 AM – Happy Feet Group (stadiums etc.) at the Percy Beard Track

6-7PM – RecSports’ Coached Swim Group Fitness class – Florida Pool.
Not an official workout.


6-7:30PM Swim Practice –  Florida Pool.
If Florida Pool is closed due to a school holiday, there is no swim practice that day.


No Planned Workout. Workout on your own or post/check the Facebook group or the listserv for pick-up groups.



No Planned Workout.